Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Return of the 'Saurs - "Pizza Warz"

Here's an incompleted drawing that was turned into a flier for a recent joint themed birthday party for me and Maygun. This should make it to a screen print along with a series of supportive work. I'll spend the next year drawing dinos and other cool things.

The dinosaurs were relocated 65.5 million years ago by a space faring race when the Earth suffered an asteroid impact. While Earth's habitability returned for the now ruling hominids, the dinosaurs have had plenty of time to advance their own kind under the protection of their saviors, the Anodytes. A recent survey of the human planet by those outside our scope attracted the attention of a group of vicious mechanical beings that inhabit space. A long time enemy of many galactic peace keeping forces, the protectors of the universe have taken action to keep us from extinction, or rather, extermination.

It is now the beginning of the Pizza Warz. Life on Earth has taken the brunt of conflict and the dinosaurs have come back from their original refuge planet Dinoxia. Stand your ground! We shall fight together, resist the encroaching forces of the Atropi, and experience space outside our star system.

Also, here's a photo of the print from the planetarium show that I did not put up yet.

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