Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009: A Beer Odyssey Artwork


This thing is going to be huge. 12" x 32" on Black Licorice Pop-Tone French Paper. For my first print with my first studio/workspace in my basement this is quite ambitious, eh? Not to mention awesome. I'll be printing up until Friday some time most likely, but it needs to get done as quickly as possible. Wish me luck!

I expect a split edition of 75 or so total, with some having no "Mountain Creek" logo on it. However, some will get made as the event is sponsored by Mountain Creek's Minhas Craft Brewery. I just enjoy the more monolithic feel of a silhouetted can. This thing's like some kind of super poster made up of a couple rad possible posters. Can't wait to see it as a whole at actual size. It's hard to really grasp what it will look like when it's cut off by my monitor. There's so much going on.

The poster and the printing process will prolly be up after the weekend. I'll also let you know how everything went and if there are some extra posters!

For posterity's sake many beers will be drank Saturday at 2009: A Beer Odyssey. Contact someone to join us in the middle of outerspace, Wisconsin.

Plenty of beer.

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